199Hello, we are Jeffrey and Elaine Elkins in Bellingham, Washington.   Our paths first crossed on New Year’s Eve 2001 and were married in August of 2003.  Since then, we have been on an adventurous journey of faith, travel, outdoor recreation, and building our home.  Oh yeah, we work too.  Fortunately, our jobs bring us great joy and we recognize that we are blessed.  Since our professions are such a big part of our identities, we have decided to be intentional about working with what we love.  After all, that’s how the majority of our time is spent.  Right now, we are in such an exciting chapter of our lives because we work hard, and we love it.   To keep a healthy balance we play outside, laugh a lot, socialize, and appreciate great food.  We also choose to be involved with our church and our neighborhood because we recognize that in the end, relationships are what really matter.


About Jeffrey

About Jeffrey ElkinsHello, I am Jeffrey Elkins, Renew Wood’s owner and builder.  I was born in Ft. Collins, Colorado and moved to Bellingham, WA when I was twelve years old.  I am so thankful that my mom made sure my teenage years were full of sports, Boy Scouts, youth group, and music lessons.   She has always supported my interests.  In middle school and high school I became fascinated with woodworking.  Another big thank you goes to my high school shop teacher, Dennis Sandvig.  He was my first woodworking mentor, allowing me to come in before and after school to learn techniques and make projects.  I was in great soil for creative growth.  Even with music, outdoor adventure, sports, my faith, or woodworking, it always seemed that someone took an interest and showed me the way forward.  Jim Tenski mentored me for 3 years in my early woodworking career.  Thank you Jim for you patience and kindness.  I am also thankful to my wife, Elaine.  She means the world to me.  Whether it’s travel, backpack camping, mountain biking, raising turkeys and chickens, working on our house, or playing with our dog Colby,  we do it together.  If you would like to know more about how I became a self employed professional woodworker, read The Renew Wood Story.


About ElaineAbout Elaine Elkins

Greetings all!  My name is Elaine Elkins. I love to travel and explore exotic destinations, but I have (and will) always call the beautiful Pacific Northwest my home.  I grew up in Seattle, and have lived in Bellingham since 1995.  My part in the Renew Wood story is simple:  I love and support Jeffrey as my husband and as the artist that he is…mostly from behind the scenes.  Aside from occasionally helping him transfer products to and fro, and being a now trained set of eyes tasked at quality control, my job at Renew Wood is to make sure that woodworking is all Jeffrey needs to worry about.  I am so blessed to work from home so that I am able to support Jeffrey in his work.  I think we have a great arrangement; I get to create a cozy home, make lots of great food, play in the yard with our pets, while dabbling in my own creative ventures (that is trying to learn how to write a book). Oh, and I get to be a part of the Renew Wood team!  Life is Good!

About ColbyAbout Colby

Hello, my name is Colby Elkins.  I am a Black Lab and Border Collie mix.  My main interest is food.  I also enjoy playing fetch, swimming, and going on walks with Jeffrey, Elaine, or Grandma.  But my main passion is eating….anything.  Fortunately I am pretty good at getting cozy and taking naps on the couch, it helps pass the time between meals.  I guess I am Renew Wood’s mascot.  It’s a pretty easy gig, and it pays in treats.


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